Women's Residential Program RESTORED180

RJM’s RESTORED180 Residential Program is a nine-month Bible and faith based program for women who are in need of restoration due to poor life choices, drugs or alcohol addiction, abused or battered relationships, and weak accountability systems. We are a long term residential program and we believe in helping women to become self-sufficient through a surrendered life style of trusting Jesus Christ. RJM residents are given many opportunities while in the program. They receive assistance in areas of counseling, life coaching, education, legal situations, parenting, and personal growth. Each resident participates in classes daily, and works through phases of Biblical education. Residents are required to attend church services while in the program. Residents also participate in Celebrate Recovery, Life Applications, and Coping God’s way classes. Residents are considered to be part of a larger family, our family, and ultimately God’s family! Everyone works together in the daily cleaning and cooking responsibilities of the home. Upon graduating the RESTORED180 program, each graduate is given a “180” ring as a daily reminder of what they have accomplished and who they are in Christ!

RJM has a successful history with surrounding counties, court systems, probationers, Child Protective Services, CASA, and family law advocates. Each resident currently involved in special circumstances that require working with government agencies are assisted by RJM staff to help make the transition into our program easier and quicker. That being said, as much as we may want you to come, we cannot promise that you will be allowed into our program, and being approved to come to our program does not in any way change your obligations. That being said, if you are approved for the program, RJM staff will work with these agencies to assist you in whatever way we can. Our goal is to see you graduate from our program with a restored life in Jesus Christ and on your way to all God has purposed for your life!

RJM encourages healthy family time on the weekend visits when possible. During weekend passes we encourage residents to spend quality time with their families. We also have weekend events at various times throughout the program. There will be some travel during the program to other churches on Sundays. Residents are required to go and expected to represent RJM and the Lord when at other church locations or events. Each resident will be given an event t-shirt and are required to wear the t-shirt at all events we participate in. Participation in events is not optional unless approved by RJM staff at least 24 hours prior to the event.


Residential Room 1

Each room holds up to two residents. Each room has two beds, an area for hanging clothes, multiple dressers and other means of storage. Each resident assigned to a room are responsible to keep the room clean and their own property properly stored and managed. We have a comfortable living area, a nice kitchen and dining area where three meals a day are prepared and served by residents, fenced-in back yard, multiple bathrooms.

Computer usage


Residents may receive mail. All mail is screened for the safety of the resident and for the overall safety of the ministry. After the first 30 days in the program, residents will be allowed to use the house phone during scheduled times. RJM provides the use of computers for residents during authorized times for residents to engage in college course work and other limited business use. More details about communication are available in our application.

Personal Vehicles

Residents may bring their own vehicle at the discretion of the staff. However, vehicles are required to be completely legal, mechanically sound and current registration and proof of insurances must be provided and verified by RJM staff.

Application Process

RJM does not discriminate in any way. However, all applicants are screened and interviewed by an admission team. This team interviews and accepts on the basis of safety and personal fit to the women already in the home. The RESTORED180 program is a nine month program; however, during the transitional phase of the program, often more time is needed to accomplish goals that have been set. RJM staff will continue to work with a resident to complete the transitional phase and accomplish the goals that have been set. The transitional phase can be extended on a case by case need at the approval of the RJM staff. There are house rules that each applicant will be given during the interview process to read over. Applicants must agree to and sign the house rules form in order for the application process to continue. Once an applicant has been notified of acceptance into the program, the applicant will have 48 hours to move in. If an applicant fails to move in within 48 hours, the applicant forfeits her room to the next applicant in line.

Due to the number of applications received, INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Please make sure to fill out the application completely.


The safety of each resident is a priority at RJM. Each outer door is equipped with ID security lock devices and requires an ID card to gain entrance into the facility. RJM also has security cameras in use in all common areas inside the facility and around the outside parameter of the building itself. Upon entrance into the program each resident will be issued a security card that allows them access into the facility. Rules concerning the use of the security cards will be covered upon entrance to the program. Other safety rules are also covered with each resident upon entrance and each resident will sign that they understand and agree to adhere to the rules for their safety and the safety of the other residents.

"Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me by Your generous Spirit." Psalm 51:12